Agenda Antártica is a non-governmental organization that aims to work for the environmental preservation of the Antarctic continent and Antarctic Ocean, the research in polar affairs, and the international cooperation of the people of the southern regions.


  • Promote and raise awareness of environmental protection of the Antarctic continent, its natural resources and geography, as well as its history and relevance to mankind.
  • Promote the creation of ecosystems, sanctuaries and marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean.
  • Educate and raise awareness about the importance of fresh water and water resources, especially on the largest water reservoir in the world which is in Antarctica.
  • Disseminate information on scientific and environmental activities in the Antarctic continent.
  • Rebuild, archive and publish information on all economic, scientific and environmental activities taking place in Antarctica.
  • Organize seminars, conferences and training on the preservation of fauna, flora and natural resources of the Antarctic continent.
  • Promote peace and work for cooperation between the people of the southern regions.
  • Engage in dialogue with governments, governmental organizations and non-governmental 
 organizations that relate to the Antarctic continent.
  • Produce educational multimedia material on environmental preservation of Antarctica.