One of the major shortcomings of research in Antarctica has been the sociological study of residents in the continent, especially due to lack of data and demographic statistics of the residents of Antarctica. There is currently no information available on the number of people living on the continent and its age distribution and gender. In turn, no data detailing the level of education and living conditions of the residents. This program aims to simultaneously census all bases and stations that are in Antarctica to relieve sociodemographic data. The census provides data that is indispensable for the study of the evolution of the demography of the residents. It is also useful to calculate specific rates of the characteristics investigated in flow statistics. All data collected in the census will be publicated and available. The objectives and expected results are presented and detailed below.


  • Obtain the total number of individuals living in Antarctica.
  • Relieve the geographical distribution of people living in Antarctica. The census will tell us precisely which are the most populated geographical areas of Antarctica.
  • Provide the amount of residents disaggregated data by sex and age. The age variable is essential in all studies that relate to the population. This information lets us know in what way the continent's population is distributed by different ages. From a demographic point of view we can know the
    trend of population growth age inhabiting Antarctica. In this way we can find how are the people distributed by age in each base, and zone.
  • Obtain knowledge of the population structure. The census of the population, by investigating the geographic, demographic, cultural, economic and social characteristics of the population, provides a structural image of the population is the basis for the development of policies, that unquestionably, have as a baseline the human factor.
  • Compile, publish and disseminate results.


  • One census taker per base is established, hereinafter "the census taker," which will be responsible for conducting the questionnaire to each resident in the base.
  • The census taker will receive a booklet detailing the procedure and explaining how to conduct the census.
  • The census taker will be the first to perform the census and inform Agenda Antártica of any problems or suggestions.
  • The census taker will have 10 days to request responses from residents of his base.
  • The census taker will complete the online form with each of it’s fellow base members or send it to them through internet so that they can complete it by themselves.
  • The census taker will notify Agenda Antártica the number of people residing in the base and how many people were were not surveyed.
  • The census will be conducted in all bases and stations that are on the Antarctic continent and the surrounding islands.
  • The census will be distributed in the 4 official languages of the AT: Spanish, Russian, English, French.